Occupy Wall Street

Posted on November 12, 2011


What is Occupy Wall Street? I sit in my chair after doing two hours of research and watching news sources and any thing I can get my hands on to find out the real answer to this question. Is it corporate greed? Is it government corruption? Is it the lack of bailouts for the common person? Is it the class warfare system that is current in the US? The answer to all of these questions cannot be answered in a simple statement because there is no united reason why these people are protesting. By camping on the doorsteps of Wall Street and holding up signs they are fighting a cause and a general idea but there is no united reason that a rational person can put their finger on to make sense of the protests. For this reason the average American who altogether makes up the foundation of change cannot do anything or change anything to make the protests a success. The inevitability of failure is a blatant insult to the constitutional guarantee of the right to protest.

The act of protesting is such a powerful tool that should not EVER be abused for it is the fundamental tool for change. Its success is documented throughout time because rulers are responsible to their people and when their constituents speak out they must listen, and if they don’t they are seen as oppressive states, ending up in a situation similar to the current status of Libya, Syria and Egypt.

The success of a protest revolves around two simple concepts and if either of these concepts are not fulfilled the protest is doomed for failure. The first is simplicity of the message.

The first aspect of simplicity is important because when you are talking about the federal government the only way legislation gets passed is when the idea is simple enough that people will understand how the legislation will help them and why it will work. The complex nature of the legislative branch forces the simple ideas presented to it to become so complex that very few people can understand, If the idea that is presented to congress is already complex there is no way that it would survive the process and be put into affect. If you look to the civil rights idea of equality was very simple, however legislation took years to officially make it law and even when it did it put limitations and restrictions on it. The simple idea of equality has thousands of things that legislation must address in order for the change to be accepted and implemented in a successful manner. The Occupy Wall Street Movement addresses hundreds of ideas that could never be addressed in a simple piece of legislature. How can Congress change corporate greed, government corruption, class warfare, education debt, police brutality, and the multitudes of other concerns by the members of the protest through a simple legislative bill or even a series of Occupy Wall Street enacted bills?

Secondly, the central theme of a movement must be well communicated. Obviously this is the exact opposite of what is going on with the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The common person has no idea what the movement is about. How can we as a people, who are the voice of America, act on the message of the movement when we don’t even understand it. Yes the common person wants to get rid of corporate greed, yes we want to cut down on government corruption, yes we want to stop senators from increasing their own pay whenever they wish, and of course we want to stop class warfare but we need to do this by uniting under one simple idea and communicate it clearly so that politicians can act on it. Occupy Wall Street is a good thing, however its current organizational being must change in order for it to be successful.


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