What’s your comeback Israel?

Posted on November 12, 2011


Although the world is in the process or at least the guise of disarming nuclear weapons through Start treaties, nuclear weapons policies are becoming multilateral, even in the U.S., Russian and Chinese representatives are permitted to tour and evaluate the reduction of nuclear weapons on US military bases. The question in this article, even more important than non-proliferation, is whether Israel will act unilaterally against Iran for their continued development of nuclear weapons. On Friday Reuters reports,”[there was] a U.N. nuclear watchdog’s accusations of atomic weapons work, and said Washington was consulting allies on further steps to pressure Tehran.” Israel has repeatedly made very credible threats against Iran, but it is and has always been doubtful that these threats will ever be upheld. Many may see the devastating rocket attacks against Hamas in the Gaza strip as proof that Israel will act upon their threats, or their deadly assault against a Turkish flotilla aiding Gaza. The attacks against Palestine continue to anger Iran, and the attacks against the Turkish Flotilla angered a powerful Turkey, yet these incidents have never materialized into major attacks against Israel. Israel feels they need to show they are willing to attack, but they have certainly mastered toeing the line in the region. The consequences of an Israeli attack on Iranian facilities could be devastating for the Zionist state. Many of the neighboring countries may begin to view Israel as more of a threat, it is likely that Syria and Hezbollah would join Iran in a fight against Israel. Israel would be at risk of thousands of missiles crippling their infrastructure, and more destabilization in the region.  Although the west will continue to support Israel, it seems like this counter attack is far more likely than Iran launching a nuclear weapon. Israel seems to have a big bark, but it seems highly unlikely that they will fly fighters into Iran anytime soon.