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Posted on November 14, 2011


Losing Ohio

The Economists latest article “the Elusive Progressive Majority” wavers from its normally liberal self by suggesting that the Obama Administration become more centrist. The London based newspaper has given unwavering support to North African revolutions this summer essentially applauding the death of Gadaffi, and celebrating the departure of Hosni Mubarek. As a promoter of free immigration the Economist regularly chastises America for their immigration policies as well as other more conservative policies. The Economist who frequently attacks conservative policies, regimes, and conservative America, is willing to put that aside in this article to give advice to the Obama Administration. This article stems from a paper by  political analyst, Ruy Teixeira, who predicted the loss of the house in 2010, feeling that Obama is becoming to liberal alienating the more centrist majority. The problem for Obama has become the assumption that the more conservative states like him even less than in the 2008 election. One of these states is Ohio which represents a majority of the disgruntled workers laid off during this administration. Instead of changing policies and working with these states Obama continues to cater to his more liberal followers who are already going to vote for him. As an example Democrats are winning an unprecedented number of seats in Colorado, which was traditionally more conservative, showing his support from his liberal base. The Economist suggests that Obama pay more attention to states like Ohio since no candidate has won the presidency without winning Ohio since JFK. The Economist isn’t suggesting that Obama overhaul any legislation, but simply cater more to these more central voters, focusing on jobs which he seems to be doing unsuccessfully through the new jobs bill. It is very rare that the Economist suggests a candidate to be more conservative, in fact the conservative parties are slightly feared in the U.K., making it abundantly clear that Obama should take this advice.

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