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Ron Paul Foreign Policy

February 14, 2012


Ron Paul, Although some ideas of his blowback theory are kind of crazy has some very good points on the reasons for the hatred that a lot of the Middle Eastern Countries have towards westernized states.  Take a look at this video and decide for yourself but this stimulates some out of the box thinking […]


February 13, 2012


Are riots really the best way to protest your disagreement with your politicians? Please check out these pictures of the riots from the signing of the austerity bill. Check out this site for a slideshow of the photos. I say no… businesses are constantly destroyed, livelihoods in danger and people are killed all the […]


February 9, 2012


In late January sporadic groups of Syrians began to chastise Bashar Assad demanding greater political freedom making Syria the newest member of the Arab Spring. The six day attack on the opposition held town of Hom has marked the bloodiest crackdown since the Syrian movement began early last year. The 137 reported opposition members that […]

Eurozone Update

December 6, 2011


As the US fear of a European collapse draws to an end marked by the best week on Wall Street since the recession, American investors believe that the certain threat to American banks and the US economy is over. Unfortunately, there is still work to be done on the European Front. Recently Angela Merkel, Nicholas […]

Troubles in Rome

November 14, 2011


When a nation like China trades with Italy there will obviously be a trade deficit for which Italy pays China in Euros since China doesn’t need a billion Euros they can invest this extra money in Italian bonds. Unfortunately the high bond yields have put Italy at risk of defaulting on their debt. After previous […]

Athens Metro: Will Greek Politicians Prove to Germany the Bailout will be different than the Metro?

November 13, 2011


Athens Metro          The legendary subway systems of cities like New York, San Francisco and London indicate the technological advances of modern public transportation. One subway system, to my surprise, which can compete with the best, is the Athens Metro. The Athens Metro works flawlessly and is completely clean, unlike many other municipalities transit systems, it is used […]

What’s your comeback Israel?

November 12, 2011


Although the world is in the process or at least the guise of disarming nuclear weapons through Start treaties, nuclear weapons policies are becoming multilateral, even in the U.S., Russian and Chinese representatives are permitted to tour and evaluate the reduction of nuclear weapons on US military bases. The question in this article, even more […]